Sexual abstinence isn’t felt expected during the intervals

Sexual abstinence isn’t felt expected during the intervals

In the event the kids try hyperactive and cannot have enough sleep, it is best to place a beneficial “churito” (the newest cover regarding regional snail, Megalobulinus sp.) below the pillow.

Menstrual discomfort

Menstrual problems are thought issues that can usually be treated having a higher brand of pills from the local natural pharmacopoeia via vegetation, dogs, or rocks. Most women understand a wide range of solution treatments.

During the Even more document step 1 different vegetation that will be found in matter of strong menstrual pains (menorrhagia) are provided. Many coincide with men and women used from inside the delivery and you will post partum months. Simply because during intervals among dominating dangers are and that of “cooling” thin lady was confronted with air. It is believed that a woman within her cycle is with the capacity of causing specific “evils”. Like while in the the lady several months she cannot see orchards or most other harvest while the this lady head to you’ll destroy the outcomes of your own harvest; she shouldn’t contact none good fresh fruit trees, nor whole milk cattle otherwise drive ponies. In every circumstances as a result, a gradual fatigue and you may, at the worst, brand new death of the fresh new moved animal otherwise plant.


Regarding communities not as much as study a std called Margaritas was approved. With respect to the medical professionals of the regional health it’s gonorrhea and sporadically syphilis. An equivalent is known as an excellent “chimbosa” state, and therefore if one has it, the guy favours its treat in the event the he voluntary spreads the illness of the contagion so you’re able to someone else.


Here is the name made available to each other microbial and you can mycotic genital infection. It’s believed a complaint due to coldness and this gets in the fresh new looks. It’s believed to come from the fresh new moisture or perhaps the warmth when you look at the places that female remain to help you others otherwise tidy gowns. It is quite considered that a woman may this disease if the she argues that have individuals; the fresh new ensuing frustration causes brand new worst indirectly. Given that actual provider of one’s condition try conceptually said to feel psychological otherwise social, this kind of condition is only able to become identified of the an effective “outlying doctor” through good “alumbriada”, that’s to say a good “limpia”(cleansing) created using alum which is later burnt and you will whose ashes are translated from this doctor.


Thirteen (13) circumstances and you will/or other emotional states try understood and you may handled. From inside the Profile 2 what number of ethnospecies utilized for every single ailment and you may the amount of citations for each illness are provided. Regarding this new an element of the bush put, 55% of your said spends correspond to brand new renders and base, 18% to help you reproductive areas; 11% into entire bush; 10% so you can underground areas and six% into the bark.

Taking into account this new procedence of therapeutic plant life, 59,61% (68) of your variety made use of is actually indigenous varieties (step three general) therefore the rest (46) are from other biome (10 naturalized). Event is the fundamental technique for acquiring them (53%) accompanied by cultivation (Extra document step 1).

When it comes to new preparation, away from a total of 439 joined solutions, 244 encompass one kinds, 101 require mix out of 2 or more types and 94 require the introduction from most other dinners, such as for instance bloodstream, excrements, floor, stones, an such like. With regards to the app, 140 solutions is actually getting exterior explore (sixty in just you to definitely variety, 43 a couple of plants, and you may 37 including factors except that herbs) and you may 299 getting internal fool around with (184 in just one varieties, 43 several, 57 including points besides herbs). For the Fig. step three the various types of software is described in more detail.

According to the establish overall performance all the local communities have fun with no less than 108 ethnospecies to have reproductive drug, spanning 107 types of plants and you can dos out-of mushrooms (in addition to step three types that have been known to help you genus and you can 2 not known kinds bought since the fragments). The newest varieties identified is 42 categories of flowering vegetation and cuatro Pteridophyta parents. Nine parents (Asteraceae, Fabaceae, Lamiaceae, Apiaceae, Piperaceae, Poaceae, Lauraceae, Myrtaceae and you will Rubiaceae) comprise nearly 1 / 2 of the total. These types of healing plant life encompass 18 pharmacological services. Analgesic, depurative and you will haemostatic agencies are specifically prominent. Peperomia fiebrigii could have been tasked 8 pharmacological characteristics, Tripodanthus acutifolius have eight, Adiantum lorentzii 6. Four species provides 5 pharmacological attributes, 64 variety enjoys ranging from 4 and you may 2 characteristics and you will 36 types only have you to definitely pharmacological property.

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